hroom, hm, come, my friends. the ents are going to war.
So I attend a university that doesn't believe in Spring Break, which is mostly okay until everyone else and their dog is packing a swimsuit and off for the week, at which point you get in your car and head west anyway. Pack some string cheese and soy nuts, bring a book or two, climb a Lone Rock. Or at least that's what we did. Strange, the things you find just over the Oquirrhs.


A. said...

You are gorgeous. Seriously. Also, that no Spring break thing was always okay until everyone else started vacationing. You should come visit me over the summer and we'll go spend time at the beach. It's the best place ever. And the water is warm.

Sum said...

You always have the most amazing pictures. My favourite is the wheat fields.

Anna Peterson said...

Soooo who gave you permission to be stunningly gorgeous AND good at EVERYTHING. Love the pictures.

Chris said...

Wish I could... Perhaps this is the place you will play your tribal cardboard drum?

themuccibird said...

Hi E,
so glad you followed the bros karamazov/pinterest trail to my blog door, because that in turn has lead me here, to your beautiful online space. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, it absolutely made my morning. Your photography and illustrations are wonderful, and I'm pretty sure I just repinned every second quote on your pinterest board. Great minds.

ps I see you did a stint in Indonesia..i'm heading over there to teach English soon!

Welcome said...

Liz e. i m glahd wee r frenz. u r a fuhn gyrl, all zo U r grene naytur ahn fyre, n hawt.

walking dot photography said...

NO SPRING BREAK!??! Alas...that would make me very sad. I loved my spring breaks back when I was in school - always a chance to soak up some good ol' vitamin d and recharge for the final months of school. :)
xox, giedre