when you go:

1. Write a novel on a napkin at The Elephant House. Keep a lookout for Bertie on Scotland Street. Feel your familial bones break for the beauty of crag and moor.

2. Run a morning mile along Hadrian's Wall. Return at sunset. Believe in time travel.

3. Play 1, 2, 3, He's Yours in Oxford. If bored of natty boys on bicycles, reevaluate your sanity--and if still not convinced of the power in a particularly dapper suspenders/bowtie combo (who are you?!), take in an afternoon of the Ashmolean before finishing off a book at the Bodleian.

4. Make a scavenger hunt of the blue history plates in London. Spend an afternoon with Sir John Soane. Ask the doorman if it's possible to live at the NPG.

5. Head home to Cardiff. Read Under Milk Wood on the walk to Castell Coch. Take the family out for some Monday night music at Y Mochyn Du. Visit the Doctor.

6. Order sticky toffee pudding at Seend's Barge Inn. Fall a little bit in love with the waiter. (If it's meant to be, it will be.)

7. Wade out to St. Michael's Mount. Follow the Grail trail to Tintagel. Send a letter from Land's End.

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Sum said...

You write magical words. I would love to run along Hadrian's Wall.