SERIES THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys I don't even like exclamation points okay this is for serious frenzy-feels only and if TWO YEARS' PATIENCE doesn't deserve a little extra punctuation then really I don't know what does. ALIVE SHERLOCK!!!!!!!! NOT-BACHELOR JOHN!!!!!!! ANSWERS!!!!!!!

Um. Anyway. My (student) Dr. John did some research at Bart's over the summer, and way back in February while interviewing with the lab we wandered around the corner to see if a little street-side study of our own might offer new insight to our, uh, occasional theorizing. And maybe we weren't entirely successful on that front, but we totally weren't disappointed.

Post-its, full-on letters, a dozen different languages, hashtags, QR codes, entire comics. And one favourite touch? On top of the telephone someone had left a full supply of loose paper, pens, and scotch tape for the unprepared. Fandom people are my favorite people.

With filming begun in March, the next time I stopped by the booth had been scrubbed clean and repainted. But one last visit just at summer's end proved that resurrection isn't just Reichenbach business — the shrine was in full swing, papered anew.

just a little experiential research here, don't mind us.