wednesday wisdom.

Be pretty if you are, be witty if you can,
but be cheerful if it kills you.

Carved into the chimney brick at my Welsh professor's house. Took it as my personal mantra for Summer 2008. Three a.m. departures? Cobblestoned sleepovers? That slug in Andrea's ice cream? nbd.

The somewhat pathetic paper-cut a la Rob Ryan is my small tribute to No. 6 Strathnairn Street, my Cardiff flat way back when. Definitely a product of the five-in-the-morning portion of my Essential E deadline sprint.


Sum said...

Seriously? Your artistic talent kills me. That cut out is sure a whole lot better than I would do. Thanks for posting this. :) This is becoming my mantra. And in a way, it's sad that I'm using this as a reason for late nights.

Andrea said...

Oh E you just made my day! I needed to hear that. I've been a grouch all day! And yay for summer 08!