dare disturb the universe.

a few of my favorite things

stars and stories about stars, planetariums, charts celestial, telescopes, constellations, the southern cross, magellanic clouds, summer nights and winter nights and also autumn and spring, the deep navy black of dark mountain midnights, that translucent turquoise along the night sealine, watching stars with the one you love, feeling the earth move, the mystical moist night-air, the first star, the second star to the right, written in the stars and star-crossed lovers, starry-eyed.

foxes and folklore about foxes, the tail of it, llwynog from llwyn, reynards and vixens and kits and fuxs, all in a skulk or a troop or an earth. in Mali they are the trickster gods of the desert, chaos incarnate, and in Peru they are mind-fighting warriors and in China they have nine tails and did you know, the word shenanigan is considered to be derived from the Irish sionnachuighim, I play the fox. red foxes, kit foxes, fleet foxes and meine gedanken sind wo die Fuchs und Hase gute nacht sagen geblieben.

also, modernists; particularly poets, cummings and eliot and thomas and pound plus whitman and sylvia and edna, too. (sun moon stars rain)

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Sum said...

Amazing. I also like how this was posted at 11:11.

A. said...

anyone lived in a pretty how town
(with up so floating many bells down)

You and I have such similar taste in literature. Can't get enough of the modernists. Especially the poets.

Chris said...

Wish you could have seen the aurora borealis back in Alaska this week. The recent solar flare brought a great show from what I heard.