When it comes to Cory + Sharlie Erb, I doubt even seven books could cover such a story. Let's just put it this way: I once came home to Hedwig at my door. And a month later attended--hands down--the best Potter Party yet. Because here's the thing about these two: they don't do life by halves. For Sharlie's 24th this dynamic duo crafted and posted all acceptance letters, organized and categorized all guests by costume and feast fare, made their apartment every bit as magical as the Great Hall, ran Ollivander's wand shop, monitored the Goblet of Fire, kept Honeyduke's stocked with all the fan favorites, created sets and props worthy of any top-notch production studio, and then proceeded to top it all off with the single best party game to come out of the known Potterverse--a Quidditch/Taboo/Trivia mash-up they created themselves. 

Guys. I'm pretty quiet, mostly. Whatever personality profile you want to assign me--Blue, INJF, Marianne Dashwood--my party style is absolutely Behind the Scenes. Games? Not so much. But this game? I would throw a party just to play this game, no Potter theme necessary. I would call all my friends together just to play this game on a weeknight. I would pull randoms from the college crowd just to play this game in the middle of campus. I would write up an entire blog post just to get other people to play this game and understand the absolute epicness of it all. Which, oh look. I did.

So, with the Erb's blessing: Ladies and gentlemen, muggles and magics, we give you

- Q U I D O O V I A - 

you will need: 
-  two teams
-  two Seekers from each team
-  two Keepers from each team
-  one Beater from each team
-  sixteen golden snitches, eight for each team
-  all seven Harry Potter novels
-  Harry Potter Taboo cards 
   (Cory made his own; you can, too!)
-  Taboo timer
-  a Madam Hooch to referee 
   (a Lee Jordan for commentary optional)

how to play:
One thing I especially loved about this game was that anyone could play, from Dursleys to Dumbledores. Once we'd been sorted into houses and then further divided into two teams (we split Gryffindor + Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin + Ravenclaw), we ran a quick survey to get a feel for Harry Potter knowledge in the group. Those who hadn't even so much as bothered with the movies were assigned Seeker status and sent to search out their eight team snitches (in this case, golden golf balls labeled by Hogwarts House) that had been hidden about the house beforehand. The ones determined to be somewhat (ahem) fanatic became the team's Keepers, prepared to answer the toughest trivia at a moment's notice.

From there, the real game begins. The rest of the team (Chasers) take turns playing Taboo Potter-style, and if they get through three cards in the allotted 30 seconds, they have "thrown the quaffle" and it's up to the opposing team's Keeper to block the shot by answering a trivia question. If incorrect, the goal is good and the shooting team earns 15 points. And those Beaters? Every Taboo round a Beater from the opposite side stands over the Taboo-ing Chaser's shoulder to make sure they don't say any of the taboo words. If they do say any of the taboo words . . . Bludger via pillow to the head (told you there was something for everyone).

But the real score awaits the Seekers, and then ultimately the Keepers. The Taboo rounds end only when the Seekers return with all their eight snitches, and fifty points go to the team who managed the feat first. However, after all the scores have been added up, the losing team has the chance to challenge the winning team in a duel to the death. In the event of such a challenge, each team chooses their Dueler and a Second who then face their foes at the front of the crowd, wands---er, minds at the ready. The referee reads out one final trivia question and the duelers have thirty seconds to find the answer in one of the books provided for them. And with the win, cue the chorus. Weasley is Our King. 

Caught the vision? Play the game. Let me know. This could be the beginning of great things.

On an entirely other note: I have entered the realm of animated gifs. Oh no. (Told you there was a puppy.)

Did I mention the Moving Portraitbooth? There was a moving portraitbooth. I know. We all wish we had thought of it first.


Lorina said...

Can I please live with you?? I'm so jealous that I was not part of this party!!! Hey I'm thinking of a party to plan again. Two words- SKY LANTERNS. you in?

A. said...

Oh man. That game is all kinds of amazing.

P.S. I'm only one letter off from you. I'm an ISFJ.