stay open, who knows?

Currently cursing university registration practices.
30 March 2011 12:00 AM MDT means right now, doesn't it? 
So explain to me why we're an hour past deadline and not a single class has gone through. 
I am NOT staying up til two 
just to be elbowed out of my Senior Course in PoMo. 

Good thing my sister sends me pretty things to make it all better.

[ Still. Only so many times you can replay three minutes over two hours. ]

Am giving up and going to bed.
Wish I were here.


Anonymous said...

oh how i love that clip. "I want you to levitate." I hope you're surviving tonight! Yes, I am on your blog instead of doing my homework. . . procrastination. . . it's buried deep :)

Kelsie Lynn said...

Beautiful Elizabeth! I'm so so so glad that you are blogging again.

I posted this video too just after I watched it. pretty gorgeous.

I love the new blog, you. you are great.