public service announcement.

You have exactly nine days left to get yourself to the freezer aisle and cry into your last ever bowl of Häagen-Dazs coconut macaroon ice cream before it disappears forever and we are left to only wistful reminiscing (is that redundant?) about way back in the day when  there was that one glorious summer of the very nearest thing to perfection you've ever known and your mum joked about actually buying an extra freezer where we would keep in the garage pint after pint of this perfect stuff, pint after pint long after the limited edition had run its beautiful run, unless of course our campaign was successful, our campaign to eliminate the limited edition lid entirely, which we talked about sometimes mostly seriously but summer was so full of so very many other things and then suddenly it was September and time was too far gone and so instead we have measured these first days of fall in ice cream scoops (apologies to Eliot) and today I drew a picture because just because and why not and now you know and if you haven't known, hurry fix it because I am telling you that sometimes actually you can buy happiness, and for the next nine days it will cost you only $4.69.

you're welcome.


H.M. said...

SO good to know. This has officially penned itself onto my TO DO (EAT) list for the weekend.

But YOU should know about this other good thing: Talenti gelato in the sea salt caramel flavor. Oh.my.stars. You can find it for $4.99 in the dessert freezer aisle of Whole Foods. You will die and be reborn with even just one spoonful!

Happy you scream,

Sum said...


jennyjones said...

oookay, obsessed.

M said...

Hip hip for more of the Thirty Day Draw. All the better that it has to do with my very most favorite food.

When Snelgrove's went under, my grandmother (bless her soul to this day) went to Dan's and bought out their entire freezer of Burnt Almond Fudge and filled the ice box off the family room. We ate it for special occasions. Just knowing it was there was of comfort. Sometimes (sometimes) if I find really delectable chocolate ice cream and eat an almond at the same time, I can still taste it. I wholeheartedly support this. In fact, I might just walk to Emo right now...