[Silence] permits us, in short, to be who we are and could be if only we had the openness and trust. A chapel is where we hear something and nothing, ourselves and everyone else, a silence that is not the absence of noise but the presence of something much deeper: the depth beneath our thoughts . . . They are the one place we can reliably go to find who we are and what we should be doing with our lives — usually by finding all we aren't, and what is much greater than us, to which we can only give ourselves up.                                   
 PICO IYER | Chapels

1. morning glory   2. grand prismatic   3. spasm geyser   4. the grand canyon 
  5. uprooted   6. lodgepole pines   7. at the falls


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Those are some of the most incredibly beautiful words I've ever heard. Gorgeous photos. I want to go to Yellowstone (I've never been). I've had this thing now where a lot of scenic photos remind me of Bon Iver (I'm listening to him now).