all soft-pawed + slink-like.


Admittedly quite enamored of Edgar Allen these days.


H.M. said...

(e), I just think you are so cool. Really self-possessed and intelligent and cheeky. I enjoy this space of yours so very much.

Three cheers,

A. said...

Just bought an 1880 edition of his poems today at a used bookstore. No second thoughts. Love him.

E. said...

This is quite the nicest note of all! I am very much of the opinion that words change lives, and yours certainly did that for me today--terima kasih and hip-hip to you, too.

SF Quinns said...

Hi friend- I miss you terribly. I hope you are doing well! Love reading your blog- keep posting :) -Lauren

Kiersten said...

I absolutely adore Poe. So much so, in fact, that in my senior year of high-school I wrote a 10 page paper about him and his writing.
<3 Kiersten