new york, new york.


olivia magnified + a view from the highline
st johns

central park

american girl flagship on fifth. talk about joy.

met up with meg. who is even (if you can believe it) more wise + wonderful in real life.

a few favorites: graphics at the nypl + this boy's conversation overheard on the Q line.

what I wish you could see in this picture is the guy doing tai chi.

indonesian dinner at a malaysian place in chinatown.

Sisters in The City.
Formatting's all off, inexplicably. Will drive me crazy. But I give up.
If the picture's pretty, Olivia probably took it.


M Shepherd said...

Those little lion logos drive me wild.

Sum said...

These pictures are dreamy.

Lorina said...

Um hi. I'm so jealous you went to NYC! It looks like it was a blast! Let's hang out soon ok?

Emily said...

These photos are great. NYC in the Fall must be fantastic!
Also, I'm totally jealous you got to meet Meg! That is so awesome.

A. said...

These photos are all amazing. And you are so gorgeous. Can't get over how pretty you and your sister are. Love you. Tons.

Hannah said...

stop it--you went to THE american girl store?? only been my dream forever. so jealous. gorgeous pictures and three lovely ladies. looks like you had fun!

Karen said...

Gorgeous sisters in the big city. My family was talking about NY this evening and I so would love to go back to that beautiful place. You are so lucky!

olivia said...

hey, let's go back to new york. finals are overrated.

M said...

Again! Again! Again! I think that subway shot of the two of you might be one of my all-time faves.

Andrea said...

you went! It looks amazing, you look amazing. I'm rather jealous of this post.

ms.composure said...

loving these pics!! so gr8!!


Kimberly said...

The jealousy. And how I hate when the formatting refuses to cooperate. But don't worry I didn't even notice.
p.s. Get to see you today!