le weekend.

Anyone else feeling super-neon-happy right now?  Somehow just the idea of Friday feels like the future to me, but that just might be the music. Been playing it loud all. week. long. Maybe possibly also dancing along. Unashamed.

Anyway. Thought I'd share.  Happy happy weekend.

(and if this isn't color enough for you, do the electric twist to one of my most favorite music videos here)


Sum said...

Did you design the poster? I am loving all the colours. Also, loving your playlist. I've only heard Count On Me by Mat Kearney and the rest is my first time listening. Love.

Emily said...

I just wanted to let you know that I listened to this playlist at least five times last night while I had a dance-party-for-one instead of packing for a trip. It is so good, thanks for sharing!