month's end miscellany.

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conversations of note:

Wait. No, I don't. You know those days where you don't feel cute enough to go to Anthropologie?

Ew. Tastes like Christmas, this pickle.

Something about these cookies evokes a very sad memory to me. What do you think? Why else would I feel like this?

Guys, I think I need some support. Maybe I should sign something. Elizabeth, will you write me a manifesto?

N: A pickle just rolled out of the trash can.
O: Taste it!

I love those movies where they're like "will anyone speak for this woman?" And then it's like anybody? Anybody?

And we were on top of the roof and we're like "lick the roof!" and he did, so now he knows.

 I haven't mentioned anything about Deathly Hallows Part II, mostly because I hated it. All of it. Really. But I was blonde for a minute as part of all the Potter partying, and here's the only existing photographic evidence to prove it.

Hiked Rock Canyon with O this morning after a long, lonely night at the apartment matting and framing and hanging art. Both of which turned out to be immensely satisfying in their own sort of way. Remember how I live here? Still not over it. 

etc, etc: 

:: made these, failed. making this tomorrow, fingers crossed.
:: saw this, loved this.
:: appreciating the honest but inoffensive ya sudah today. as incoherent as Indonesian can be, it does have a certain way of getting right to the point.
:: taught myself how to use a sewing machine.
:: carved a stamp, block-printed some fabric, hacked west elm.
:: driving back from provo today Olivia and I tried to listen to country. 
:: two years ago on this day exactly I was in the MTC and, according to my journal, learning how to say anda harus bangun sebuah benteng keliling hatimu. this came in useful much more often than you would think.
:: one of those weeks where you don't bother with makeup for days and then suddenly rediscover lip color on walgreen's cosmetic aisle. why does that always feel so life-changing?
:: this and this pretty much on repeat.
:: my dog is the strangest.


A. said...

Love this. Love you. Lip color does have that effect. Always. I didn't much like Deathly Hallows Part II either. I'm currently reading the book again to make up for everything the movie lacked.

Sum said...

Those pictures of the kids steal my heart. I have no idea what's going on in the conversations, but they do make me laugh. I loved Deathly Hallows Part II, a lot more than Part I. Sad you hated it. I can never get enough of your photos. The photos of the canyon remind me of Bon Iver. I am currently obsessed with him. Maybe that's why and his music looks like your picture. I know that didn't make any sense. You taught yourself how to use a sewing machine?! I took a sewing class (twice, once in middle school and then last semester). I still need instructions. Is there anything crafty you don't do? Seriously, wow! I don't really like country myself, but there are a few certain songs I really do like. I couldn't agree more about lip colour.