I know I've said that I love my sisters, but I love my sisters. So much. Life doesn't get a lot better than dinner on the back patio and an impromptu concert late into the night. Except maybe a dinner of summer fruits and vegetables, conversations spanning silly to serious, and hours of singing along to Liv's guitar under our star-strewn ceiling. Brooke Fraser, Taylor Swift*, Fine Frenzy, James Taylor, Amanda Seyfried, Schuyler Fisk. I think our only regret was we never got around to Bieber.

Oh, you guys. Summer. Family. Home.

*can I just take a sentence to say that her Crazier might take Top Prize of All Time? Well. After Brooke's May Waltz.

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Sum said...

I love this! How did you take this picture so sparkly, glittery and glamorous?! :)