this is a poem.

For those of you within Utah driving distances, I co-pres a little thing we like to call LIFEclub and you're invited. Details for this week's soirée below; email me if you want any further assurances of pure awesomeness.

       .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Friends, dearest LIFEers: it's coming, it's time;
The Club is in session be it free verse or rhyme.
This Thursday (four and twenty) just past 8:53
We gather for L.I.F.E. and life's breath: poetry.

Yes that's right, a reading--it will be corking splendid!
(As long as
you're there, t'will be well-attended.)
You can memorize a favorite or
make up your own
(Really anything goes by way of a poem).

Try the Beats or Post-Mod or the very
There's Edwardian, Georgian---even
Be inspired by
Uncle Walt or dear Anne with an E---
Or the snark of the art like
Taylor Mali.

And maybe you're thinking
Meh, not really my thing . . .
But remember L.I.F.E.'s point, to give our souls wing?
Love's language is certain to do your heart good;
Come hear and be merry (
e.e. surely would).

So be it in
beanie and Converse or puff sleeves and white lace
Come Thursday night,
Kimball Three is the place.
Forget stagefright or wordfright; poems are worlds without laws---
At the very least come to
snap-snap your applause.

     .  .  .  .  .  .  .

And don't worry. I'm sure the poetical offerings on hand will be ten times my above attempt.
see you there!


Sum said...

Dear E,

I'm so happy you are back and blogging! I LOVE your new blog! I live off your artistic skills. No, but seriously though. I need to catch up on all your blog posts and adventures. Hope all is well with you and your family!



Lorina said...

yeah! I finally get to see your blog. I love it!