I met Ben Crowder just over three years ago this semester, back when he was president of the C.S. Lewis Society here on campus and I somewhat uncharacteristically offered to draw up some flyers in support of such a noble cause and then joined the club, too. This was stupid for one very important reason: he was BEN CROWDER. Reader, writer, artist, musician, designer, coder, you-name-it-he's-done-it, and perfectly capable of making a (much better, much more professional) flyer himself. Luckily I was unaware of this at the time and only blushed deeply weeks later once I'd actually met the man and then, consequently, all that he is---at which point I decided the term renaissance man is etymologically cataloged under Crowder, Ben in the OED.

Most recently (I mean, besides the other four score and seven projects he's got going at any given daylight hour) Ben is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mormon Artist, an online magazine published bimonthly and dedicated to covering the Latter-Day Saints art world. It's pretty, it's purpose-full, and because Ben is nice as well as being so obviously all-aspects awesome, he let me be a part of it. And I thought just having a Press Pass was exciting.

issue fourteen out now // read all about it.

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Andrea said...

I love your new blog! It's so cute. And you're so amazing. And p.s. Nick serves in the Elders Quorum presidency with Ben. Small world.